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Killer Instinct World Cup Expands Participants and Payouts to 32 Players for $30,000!

The Killer Instinct World Cup has grown!

Previously, the KI World Cup was set to be a showdown between 16 qualifiers for $10,000, contributed by Ultra Arcade. Today, we are pleased to announce that the Shadow Jago Community Fund is drastically expanding the KI World Cup!  The tournament will now feature 32 powerful Killer Instinct players, all fighting for their share of $30,000!


On top of that, qualifying for the finals bracket this January guarantees a payout, as the $30,000 prize pool is split all the way down the 32 participants!  However, not all 32 players will come from KI World Cup points qualifiers.


The top 24 KI World Cup points earners will solidify their spot in the finals bracket.


4 additional spots are being held for international qualifiers!  The first of which is Kombo Klash Japan!


The final 4 spots are reserved for last chance qualifiers on site at the KI World Cup itself! Thats right, even if players don’t have enough points to qualify, they can still show up, compete in a last chance qualifier, and make their way into the final bracket and the money! These last chance qualifiers will come in the form of four brutal single elimination brackets. Players are free to compete in all four of them to try to earn their spots in the finals!

Top 32 Pay out:

1st $10,000.00

2nd $3,500.00

3rd $2,500.00

4th $1,500.00

5th $1,000.00

7th $750.00

9th $650.00

13th $500.00

17th $350.00

25th $200.00

Saturday, Jan 30th – 4 Last Chance Qualifier brackets, special exhibition events, and more!
Sunday, Jan 31st – The top 32 final bracket for $30,000!


We are also proud to announce that Rick Thiher of Combo Breaker is joining forces with the KI World Cup to make sure the event is as incredible as possible! As Production Manager, he will oversee the event and ensure that it is a one of a kind experience both for attendees and viewers!


Also on board with the KI World Cup is the symphonic metal band Heliosaga, who will be sponsoring the KI World Cup by donating half of their proceeds on all digital album sales of “Heliosaga: Towers in the Distance”. This money will go toward event and broadcast expenses and will help make the KI World Cup great! You can check out the album on the following retailers: Amazon,  CDBaby, iTunes, and Groove Music (available on all Windows devices and Xbox One).


The KI World Cup is brought to you in part by: Ultra Arcade, Microsoft Studios, Madcatz, Ultimate Source, One Six Studios, &!


Stay tuned for more announcements, as there will be even more reasons to come to San Antonio to experience the KI World Cup in person.

May at Ultra Arcade!


Saturday, May 30th


Ultra Arcade Monthly’s are back and now with more Hype!

Now, everyone will be battling for ranking points for their respected game and cash!! As this is the day we start our UA Ranked Leagues!

That’s right! Every tournament we host after May 30th will have points up for grabs!

This will show everyone who is the best of the best and who is coming out! I mean what good is someone who doesn’t show up?

This is another way for us to pick our SPONSORED PLAYERS!! We want to reward players for their support and hard work! So now is your chance to be a part of Team UA!

So Get Hype & Fight On!

Full Details and Rules can be read HERE.

New Pricing Information/Ultra Memberships

Since it’s one of the most common questions we get, we’ve asked the Lin Kuei Grandmaster Sub Zero to help explain it for all our fans. Ultra Memberships are here, and you get quite the value! If you’re in the arcade often and love entering our events frequently, it’s a super awesome value!



This information and more will be located under the new tab Pricing Information.

Ultra Arcade Expanding in Size, Postpones Ultrafest to 2015

Hello to all our fans! We have some very big news for everyone!
Ultra Arcade has made the decision to expand in size. This exciting development will double the size of the arcade to about 3,000 sq ft, which will allow the owners to host larger events, add many new arcade cabinets, a second restroom,  a bigger selection of food and drinks, and much more.
Unfortunately, with an increase in operating costs and planning that the expansion will bring, the owners, Brandon Alexander and David Ruben, have also decided to postpone Ultrafest to 2015.
“We’ve been trying to get the space next to us since we opened but were told it wasn’t going to be possible for at least three years. So we decided if we couldn’t expand we would do Ultrafest to help continue moving forward and growing the community that way. Fast forward 6 months and we were VERY surprised to hear the good news that the space was up for lease. Unfortunately the down side was that we only had one week to make the decision or they would lease it to someone else,” said Ruben.
Since the deal came so suddenly, they now had two major projects on the table. Hosting a major tournament and expanding/renovating the arcade. With a small staff and limited resources, they were forced to make a tough decision and choose between the two projects.
“Our main goal from the start was to make the arcade bigger, and we’ve decided that should come first. We want UltraFest to be an amazing event with all of our energy and focus behind it. We wouldn’t be able to do that with all the added pressure of expanding. We’ve still got plenty of events planned for the rest of 2014, and they will all be much better because of the expansion,” said Alexander.
Coming up this December is Kombo Klash, an invitational for Killer Instinct with top players from around the world. In addition to the $3,000 pot bonus, the winner will also receive a free trip to Japan, for the Japan edition of Kombo Klash, which is set for 2015. Ultra Arcade is also now hosting monthly events for Super Smash Bros Melee, and will continue to do so for Super Smash Bros for Wii U when it comes out.
Anyone who has already registered for Ultrafest will be refunded through PayPal. The new dates for Ultrafest will be announced in the near future. To make up for the postponement, Ultra Arcade will instead be hosting a Grand Re-Opening event Halloween weekend, to celebrate the expansion. More details on this event will be announced right here on our website.
Don’t forget! You can also follow Ultra Arcade on social media as well: