Our Story

The Origin of Ultra Arcade:

Ultra Arcade is an idea nearly 2 years in the making. Our humble beginnings are rooted in Subway Fight Night. Brandon Alexander is many things, among them a professional gamer and a fighting game community leader. He loved the Mortal Kombat series, and wanted a place for everyone to play fighting games and improve as a community. Using his connections with Subway restaurants and his game licenses, Subway Fight Night was started. Soon other game nights popped up across the city. These gatherings began to attract more and more players that had previously not been aware of the competitive gaming scene.

One of these new players was David Ruben. David was also a hardcore gamer that, like Brandon, loved fighting games from a young age, but he never knew there was a community to compete in. Once he began attending these gatherings he saw the excitement and entertainment the tournament scene was delivering locally and around the world. He instantly wanted to put together a major tournament for San Antonio. He had some money saved, but he had no idea how organize or run such an event. Luckily, he soon met Brandon, who had plenty of experience in this department. After many late nights brainstorming and looking at venue after venue they decided the high cost of putting together a major tournament could be used instead to build an arcade that could help grow the gaming scene locally and eventually host its own events. And that’s how Ultra Arcade was born.