The Games

So you want to play? It’s 8 dollars all day for our expansive console arcade (where you can bring your own controller if you like), and we have tons of retro cabinents, all starting at 50 cents (Air Hockey is a dollar per game).


Ultra Arcade features a variety of console and retro arcade cabinets. Many of our consoles are placed in custom built cabinets and have fight sticks to help recreate the classic arcade feel with all of today’s biggest fighting games. And if you’re not a fan of fight sticks, we got plenty of controllers for the pad warrior. We even let you bring your own!

We have all the latest consoles, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and the Wii U. We also have a selection of retro games, including the Gamecube, N64, PS2, and Dreamcast. We also keep up with most of the new releases. If a new game has just came out and you want to give it a try, come by! We probably have it.