Tournaments and Events

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Weekly Events


Super Smash Bros Wii U: or Smash 4 to the rest of us. Please bring your own controller.

Signups begin around 5pm
Side Event starts at 5:30pm
Doubles starts at 6:30pm
Singles starts at 7:30pm.

$5 venue fee (waived if full setup is brought: Wii U, cables, SSB4, and Nintendo Wii U Gamecube adapter*, TV optional)
$1 entry fee for the side event
$2 per person entry fee for doubles
$5 Singles entry fee

1st- 60%
2nd- 30%
3rd- 10%

(If number of players exceeds 40, a top 6 payout system will be used)


3 stocks 8 minutes, best 2 out of 3 games. (Best 3 out of 5 for top 5 in singles and top 3 in doubles, time permitting)
Custom moves and equipment banned
All DLC fighters allowed
Miis allowed with default size and 1111 moveset only
Bring your own controller
ONLY Gamecube, pro controllers, and wiimote plug controllers allowed.
3DS and Wii U Gamepads are banned for tournament use.
-IF using a wireless controller, make sure you disconnect your controller so it cannot disrupt the setup it was used on. If your controller disrupts a setup and affects a match, YOU will be hit with a penalty.
*Due to 3rd party adapters messing up in tournaments from time to time, you MUST have the official Nintendo Wii U Gamecube adapter to have your setup be eligible to wave the venue fee. They are no longer rare as they are currently available for retail price on amazon and gamestop


Final Destination
Town and City
Lylat Cruise

Dreamland 64
Duck Hunt

TO: Zack Trimble

For further questions and information, check the pinned post on

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We’re Closed! Videogames need a day off and so do we.



Two for Twosdays: One $8 pass covers two people

Mario Kart 8: always the perfect game for you and your friend to play. Also a great date idea.



Killer Instinct (Xbox One): Xbox’s signature fighting game franchise. We have all 3 seasons on each setup available.

Sign ups start at 9:30pm CST

Tournament starts at 10:00pm CST

$5 Venue Fee

Tournament Entry: Free to Enter!

Prize: Honor! And Pizza

TO: Brandon Alexander

For further questions and discussion:

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Street Fighter V (PS4): Capcom’s latest entry in the legendary series. We have a few sticks to spare, but as always we recommend bringing your own if possible.

Registration at 7:30 pm, Tournament Bracket starts at 8:00 pm

Venue Fee: $5 (Waived if you provide a PS4+SFV+ALL DLC characters)

Tournament Fee: $5


1st: 70% 2nd: 20% 3rd: 10%

TO: Eric De Hoyos

For further questions and discussion:

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Anime Fighters Gathering:

Blazblue, Guilty Gear, and many other “airdashers” as they are sometimes referred to. Basically the niche fighting games.

Gathering begins around 7 pm. Tournaments sometimes happen, but they are usually discussed in the Facebook group:

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Gears of War 4 LAN Party



Pokkén Tournament Weekly at Ultra Arcade! Sign ups and casuals start at 7pm CST! Venue Fee: $5 Entry: $5 Tournament starts at 8pm CST