About Us

What is Ultra Arcade?

We are a new video gaming arcade that promotes a fun, friendly, and exciting environment, a healthy outlet for men and women of all ages. A place where gamers from all communities can gather, to play any game they like, and chill with other gamers who like the same kind of games they do. We are located in San Antonio, Texas. The co-owners of Ultra Arcade David Ruben and Brandon Alexander are hardcore gamers and entrepreneurs that met in the local fighting game community with two common interests: videogames and arcades! We met at a local tournament and started tossing around the idea of building an arcade. But not just any arcade, it was to be the ultimate gaming and night life experience. An arcade built for every spectrum of the gaming community. People of all ages from 5 to 500 will find something fun to do all day and all night at Ultra Arcade.



Surviving in the Modern Age of Arcades

It’s no secret arcades aren’t as common as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean the interest isn’t there. After seeing nearly a thousand people show up to our grand opening, we know the San Antonio gaming scene is hungry for a legit arcade.   But just being open isn’t enough. We have to approach the modern day of gaming with a new business model. An arcade is like a gym. It’s where you go to level up your skills. But you don’t pay 50 cents for 10 reps on a weight set do you? That said, we don’t bother with tokens or cards. It’s 8 dollars all day, every day. That works out to only a $1.50 per hour. That would barely pay for more than a couple games at most arcades. We also offer weekly and monthly membership options.   Beyond cabinets, we also run all sorts of console games, from Super Nintendo to Xbox One. There’s something for every gamer to play at Ultra Arcade. And there’s more than just playing the best fighting games head to head. We have the fastest internet in San Antonio, allowing silky smooth online play for the latest in online gaming, such as the smash hit Titanfall on Xbox One. Where other places gouge you on snacks and drinks, we offer better prices and combo deals. You’ll get more play time for your money. With the fastest internet in San Antonio (160 DL/20 UL Fiber Optic) our guests are welcome to enjoy free wifi as well. We also have tables for card players. All ages are Welcome! And of course, we host awesome tournaments with prizes and live streams, and other awesome events, such as early access to DLC and exclusive release parties for new games, location tests for upcoming titles, cosplay contests, and ladies play free on Saturday night.

Our very own Brandon Alexander and the one, the only Michael “IFC Yipes” Mendoza talk about the importance of arcades and the fighting game community. The video was filmed and edited by the Lone Star Gamer. Be sure to subscribe to his channel for more awesome videos showcasing Texas and the FGC!


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The Ultra Arcade Team

Co-Founder/Lead Community & Project Manager: The Mighty Brandon Alexander

Co-Founder/Lead Project Manager: The Veteran David Ruben


Squad & Street Team Leader/Community Manager: Erin Joiner

Promoter/Community Manager: Kyle McClusky

ART & Media Creative Directer/Project Manager: The Mighty Brandon Alexander

Lead Artist: Mimi Gonzales Lead Media

Producer/Graphic Design: JaeRoar

Lead Graphic Design: Kyle McClusky