May at Ultra Arcade!


Saturday, May 30th


Ultra Arcade Monthly’s are back and now with more Hype!

Now, everyone will be battling for ranking points for their respected game and cash!! As this is the day we start our UA Ranked Leagues!

That’s right! Every tournament we host after May 30th will have points up for grabs!

This will show everyone who is the best of the best and who is coming out! I mean what good is someone who doesn’t show up?

This is another way for us to pick our SPONSORED PLAYERS!! We want to reward players for their support and hard work! So now is your chance to be a part of Team UA!

So Get Hype & Fight On!

Full Details and Rules can be read HERE.

New Pricing Information/Ultra Memberships

Since it’s one of the most common questions we get, we’ve asked the Lin Kuei Grandmaster Sub Zero to help explain it for all our fans. Ultra Memberships are here, and you get quite the value! If you’re in the arcade often and love entering our events frequently, it’s a super awesome value!



This information and more will be located under the new tab Pricing Information.